Grinder rental


We are accpeting the grinding and transportation of different twigs, shrubs on the spot. Our special grinder machine is mounted on a trailer, driven by a separate engine. Max output/hour: 10-15 m3 of twigs. Max diameter of grindable twig: 14cm.

Grindable ratio (differing from species) is between 1:4 - 1:6. Meaning that the towing truck can transport  40-50 m3 of grinded twigs. With this method, the costs of transportation and landfill are highly reducible.

The side product can be reused in parks, at the side of roads and motorways, as mulching in the bottom of the vegetation. Using mulch will prevent the growth of weed under shrubs, enhances the water balance of the soil, furthermore, due to the redundace of transportation of this side-product, it is a higly cost-effective method.

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