Terms of Rental

Published by SALI-DARU Ltd on the 25th of may, 2017:

1. Travelling time is charged via full hourly rate, within Budapest equalling to +1-1 hours of work (for the to- and the return travels); to provinces we charge for the whole travelling time, plus the E-toll.

2. Smallest fee charged by our company is equal to 3 hours of rental fee, irrespectively of the period of the work itself (travelling time included).

3. Every commenced hour shall be paid by full hourly rates.

4. In case of resignation, no compensation is necessarry, unless the tenant fails to notify the lessor before the travels should commence. Failing to comply with this, means that the full hourly rate shall be paid by the tenant, in accordance of the criterion listed above by point number 1.

5. All of the machinery has the papers necessary that certify the legality of theirs, what can be verified on the scope of activities.

6. Our colleagues are professional and qualified in labour-safety, therefore please follow the instructions given by the operator in the vicinity of the machinery. Any kind of damage, done by disobeying these instructions shall be compensated by the tenant only.

7. The tenant is responsible for all the damages done (by the tenant itself or by the personnel under employment by the tenant) in the vehicles and machinery in their possession (which are owned by the lessor). The tenant is obligated to compensate for all the damages done to the lesser. Only the lesser is entitled to repair the damages done, covered fully by the tenant.

8. Our company possesses a liability insurance necessary to perform any task.

9. In areas where any operation needs permission, it's the duty of the tenant to procure this/these permission(s). Any damages done by omission of permit, shall be compensated by the tenant.

Budapest, 25th of May, 2017

Zoltán Lepsényi