About us

16 méter magasságú Mercedes (kosaraskocsi, emelőkosaras kocsi)A SALI-DARU Ltd., the country's biggest enterprise specialised for basket equipped cranes.

Welcome to our webpage!

We are constantly broading our machinery, currently possessing 23 different basket equipped elevators/cranes.

Considering both the number of vehicles and also the height of these machinery, SALI-DARU Ltd. offers the widest variety of lorries, thus being able to comply with any kind of request.

Our advantages:

  • Widest range, highest capacity
  • Without limits: we work on weekends, weekdays and even during nights
  • Constant booking of orders on phone through dispatchers

 We offer a wide variety of basket equipped lorries ranging from 16 meters of height up until to 61 meters of height.

Besides rental, we offer various other services:

  • Lorry mainteneance and isnpection
  • Freighting with self-loading truck
  • Tree cutting
  • Grinder machinery rental
  • Stump grinding