35 meter Scania

35 meters high elevator equipped with a telescopic crane with a maximum lateral outreach (at 5 meters of height) of 24 meters. The vehicle is able to push its support under itself, or work with only one side of support. Due to this ability, the vehicle is perfectly suitable for working in tight spaces, or in the outside lane of motorways.

Technical data:

Height: 3,75 m
Max. lifting height (without basket): 33,6 m
Lenght: 11,00 m
Width: 2,50 m
Total width (with supports): 5.77 m (with 1 support 4,14 m)
Weight (unloaded): 16 000 kg
Basket load capacity: 3 ppl/ 320 kg
Basket size: 0,75 x 2,5 m
Swivelling range of the jib: 2x45°

Operational diagram:

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